Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Monthly

And it's not what you're thinking.

Every month will have a new poem posted. It will either be one of my favorites from famous authors, one that I've written and would like to share or one of yours. So if you would like you poem to be posted then just e-mail me. Just click on my profile and there ya go.

This month's poem is one of my absolute favorites. And see if you can guess why I decided to make this the first poem.

Langston Hughes

Have you dug the spill
Of Sugar Hill?
Cast your gims
On this sepia thrill:
Brown sugar lassie,
Caramel treat,
Honey-gold baby
Sweet enough to eat.
Peach-skinned girlie,
Coffee and cream,
Chocolate darling
Out of a dream.
Walnut tinted
Or cocoa brown,
Pride of the town.
Rich cream-colored
To plum-tinted black,
Feminine sweetness
In Harlem's no lack.
Glow of the quince
To blush of the rose.
Persimmon bronze
To cinnamon toes.
Blackberry cordial,
Virginia Dare wine--
All those sweet colors
Flavor Harlem of mine!
Walnut or cocoa,
Let me repeat:
Caramel, brown sugar,
A chocolate treat.
Molasses taffy,
Coffee and cream,
Licorice, clove, cinnamon
To a honey-brown dream.
Ginger, wine-gold,
Persimmon, blackberry,
All through the spectrum
Harlem girls vary--
So if you want to know beauty's
Rainbow-sweet thrill,
Stroll down luscious,
Delicious, fine Sugar Hill.

Also part of the Monthlies are the Monthly Artists spotlight where I will help promote any unsigned artist and even director if you're amazing at YouTube cinematography. So just e-mail me your band's or any anyone who you think should be spotlighted and I'll be sure to check them out.
Also there will be a monthly poll and just look for that over on the side.

I might post a Monthly Mix where I compile a CD of just AWESOME music into one (it may even be your fav unsigned band) and put it up for you guys.

So hopefully next month will be filled with brand new stuff. But while you're waiting check out my reviews and give me your opions on them and how you felt about the item I review.

I MIGHT be looking for someone to hwlp with the movie reviews because as a college student it's kind of hard to have to shell out $10.00 for every movie that comes out. So if you LOVE movies and want to give your honest opinion of them (censor free) e-mail me and I'll get back to you.

Coming up:
My first music review.

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