Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Happened to the Music?

So, instead of finishing my English take home exam (it's always English that throws me on a tangent) I decide to organize my iTunes music folder. Yes, I am a nerd - I cannot help that, but I digress. and I start realizing that my collection is lacking some classic songs - no Earth Wind & Fire, one Tena Marie Song some Mint Condition but the rest was just ... bleh, for lack of a better description at 1:30 in the AM. So I start thinking and feeling like I need to vent. I open Microsoft Word and everything just starts flowing like lyrics over a tight beat and I end up with what you are about to read.

What happened to the music?
A Literary EP by Endia Z.

Track 1: The Intro-lude

Leela James said it best in her ode to the good ol’ days, simply titled Music. Don’t get me wrong, you may see me jamming in the club to some new dance records (probably because I’m a little inebriated) but if I’m ever driving in my car listening to the radio or searching the web for some great music or even watching videos on TV in hopes of finding something worth listening to – I just get frustrated. If I hear one more song dedicated to ass, cash or another damn crank dat song, I’m going to have to resort to desperate measures. I want to call a boycott – a nationwide prohibition of all garbage that is filling the heads of our people. Dear God how I wish I could just get the GOOD heads, people who know what real music is and appreciate it and is tired of just plain wackness in general, all together and march the streets of Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Long Beach Californ-I-A and just raise our fists in honor of what’s real. Blast our stereos in the fashion of Radio Raheem and just burn down every record company that is only in this business for the love of money and the love of what it should be, the root of everything – the music. But, let’s not get radical. Every generation has their flukes and fads of the moment. Do we not remember Rico Suave?

It would be easy to blame all this on 2 Live Crew and get it over with, but they’ve already won one 1st amendment case, let’s not go through that again. Now I’m not just talking some “Hip Hop is Dead” nonsense; it’s not dead – just going through a midlife crisis. And it’s not just hip hop, it’s soul music, it’s R&B, it’s blues and even gospel who are going through this musical menopause. There’s just so much to comment on about the state of music today. So groove with me and nod your heads as you experience this written EP.

That was what I dubbed the "Intro-lude". I know you've all seen that between your two favorite tracks on your favorite CD, right? Well that was track 1. Track 2 will be coming u soon.
Let me know what you feel, what you think I might be talking about in future tracks -whatever you want! Do you like this concept? Will you read further? Just pop into the comments section.
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