Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My First Post

Hello and welcome to Brown Sugar Sunshine.

I’ve been putting off this blogging thing for a while now, afraid people wouldn’t come and it’d just be a waste of time but I figured if I’m going to start a magazine maybe I should have an idea of what it’ll be – sort of.

What the hell is up with the name of this site?

I knew you’d ask. Basically I was brainstorming names and everything was just so BLAH & cliché or 30 people and thier cousins were using it. So I look up and there is my DVD collection and right next to each is two of my favorite movies – Brown Sugar and Little Miss Sunshine (if you haven’t seen either, log off the internet and go buy or rent them NOW). I combined the name and little hippie inside of me said “Way cool, dude. Totally wicked name. Make love not war. Communism now!” and replied “Yeah, hippie dude. You’re right. Just don’t say the C word so loud. Electroshock is only a few communists away.”

BTW: I have a weird personality. I’m a slight hippie with a job minus the weed who occasionally leans toward violence. I have so many slashes in my personality you'd think I just came off the set of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Anywho, that is how the name came about. I think it’s cute if you disagree well honestly you can sort of fuck off or just pretend it's named something else. :D

This blog is not all about music. I wanted to find a way to combine my three loves.
Music, Movies and Literature.

There'll also be a splash of graphic/web design.

There is SO much more I want to say but I guess will condense this a little and say I hope you enjoy the site and expect a LOT out of this site. It really is your ideal spot for all things good.
[Totally cheesy, right? I love it!]

Coming up:
Your Monthly.


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